We don’t just place the best talent for Top Notch Companies…
We enhance people’s careers and they generate great return of investment.
23 years of proven and continuous success at your finger tips
Top Notch professionals, market masters, best in class.
We are true experts in international and multicultural search.
We deliver the right candidates to surpass our clients, goals, challenges and expectations.
Sometimes the biggest problems for many organizations are their bad hires.
Hire only the best and brightest through us.
Talent Mapping expertise, Discrete and confidential representation.
We have a customized approach to both clients and candidates’ goals and expectations

Top Notch Finders

Who We Are
Top Notch Finders is specialized in the recruitment of professional talent and executives to fill the needs of companies from all over the globe. Our main expertise is in Mexico, Latin America and the US-Mexico border region where we have one of the largest networks of professionals at our fingertips for your benefit.

With hundreds of thousands of Executive and Professionals in our database, we have developed a strong market mastery that allow us to dramatically reduce our sourcing times and let us concentrate in selecting, attracting and securing the best candidates for our clients goals, needs and expectations.

What We Do
Top Notch Finders places great value in maintaining our clients and candidates’ confidentiality. We have represented multinational firms successfully for the last 23 years. Companies from all over America, Europe and Asia, in all types of industries have experienced the advantage of having Top Notch Finders on their side to lower costs, increase efficiency in their operations and see their profits grow due to having the best staff for each key role. We are all about creating human capital for you at a great value.

How We Can Help
If you are a “Top Notch Company” and need, fast, reliable, dependable and knowledgeable assistance to service your recruiting needs, Top Notch Finders has a significant number of qualified candidates that we can match you up with. With us, you won’t have to guess if you are receiving talented and reliable candidates. If we present you candidates, is because we have already spent the time to get to know them well.

If you consider yourself to be a “Top Notch Candidate” and you are searching for your dream job. Let us help you find the perfect position for you.