Thought Leadership

The Tolan Group is an executive search firm that prides themselves in our passion for success, expertise and the ultimate goal of aligning strategy with talent. This level of dedication has led us to become experts in the Healthcare IT space covering multiple segments of the niche including the provider, IDN, payer markets as well as other niche segments for this market. Our firm is interviewed on a regular basis by leading organizations like the Wall Street Journal, The, Money Magazine, Fox News, Beckers Hospital Review as well as writing the award winning column Career Paths for the leading HCIT online magazine in the US – Healthcare Informatics.  Our expertise is requested on a wide variety of subjects regarding talent acquisition, retention and a whole host of other subjects regarding human capital.

Through networking and the relationships built over the past three decades, we have built a large database of top professionals and clients that count on us to be trusted advisors in many facets of their careers and businesses respectively. Through our experience, we have positioned as thought leaders in this market and The Tolan Group has become the “go-to” search firm in the HCIT arena. We inspire, turn innovative ideas into reality and demonstrate how to replicate success.

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2017-2018 Product Manager Compensation Report

2016- 2017 HCIT C-Level Compensation Report

2016- 2017 HCIT Sales Compensation Report

HCIT 2016- 2017 Sales Compensation Summary



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