Our Offer

Our Commitment to You

The Tolan Group is committed to building world-class management teams for clients competing in a global market. We provide exceptional leaders and organizational solutions to enhance client’s competitive advantage. We do so through long-term client relationships with a select group of clients. Such relationships we believe can only be sustainable when there is a high level of understanding of the client’s needs

Our Process

The Tolan Group has developed a proprietary process that has been proven time and time again. We lead the client thought that process to ensure success and we stay the course until an assignment is successfully concluded.We pride ourselves on our Dimensional Search® Methodology, a 32-step process that assures success and best fit.

Our Expertise and Insight

We invest significant time to thoroughly understand a client’s industry, competitors, culture, strategy, relevant business imperatives for the role and the employer’s value proposition. Our Principals have extensive backgrounds in; understanding company culture, intimate knowledge of local, regional and national markets, and most importantly have been successful in building strong organizations through talent acquisition.

Our Promise

To deliver each assignment efficiently, with honesty and integrity
To work in partnership with our clients
To treat each candidate with utmost respect
To conduct thorough due diligence of the final short-listed candidate
To provide added-value expertise throughout and after each assignment

Our Knowledge of Our Clients’ Business

To be successful we must have deep knowledge of a client’s business, markets and culture. Critical to the entire search process it is an essential first step in finding and recommending the right person. Our process has been honed over the years to ensure clarity in this area, and its effectiveness enhanced when used by our experienced team.