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To compete in the future, healthcare and non-profit organizations will need to drive talent management beyond the traditional brick and mortar based employees to include the new extended workforce. The growth in the blended workforce has already begun and there will be a war on talent that US employers have never seen before. The time to begin the shift is now. Organizations need to embrace the concept of hiring outside contractors and strategic partners to help fulfill the talent needs and shift to hiring nontraditional workers. It simple supply and demand. By using Next Level Interim Search, we can help your organization maximize the potential of both an extended workforce and permanent employees allowing you to increase your competitive advantage—including nimbleness and access to valuable talent when you need it.

  • Healthcare IT Vendors
  • Private Equity
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Health
  • Health Plan/Payers
  • Hospitals and IDN’s
  • Nonprofit

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