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We align talented Healthcare and Social Enterprise candidates for success at their next role.

Your Career

Finding your next role is crucial to your career progression. We at The Tolan Group, value our network of contacts and are always looking to meet the best and the brightest in the industry. We get to know our candidate contacts beyond just their skills and experiences. We gain an understating of where you thrive and where you want to go with your career.

Working With Us

Rest assured that we are sensitive to your personal needs for confidentiality. Our ongoing relationships with our clients often give us continued contact with candidates we place. Therefore, we strive to align clients and candidates for strategic success. Encouraging an inappropriate career move would be contrary to our philosophy and counter-productive to maintaining good client relationships. We will ask for your time only when a genuine opportunity exists.

Connect with us and let us know what you’re looking for

Candidate Resources

We know that considering a new role and possibility a new location is a big deal. The following list of resources is compiled to help you make an educated decision


Salary Information
Find out what you’re worth here.

Salary Calculator and Salary Comparison Calculator
A city-by-city salary comparison.

Moving Calculator
How much will your move be?

Free City Reports
Side-by-side comparison of two cities’ cost of living, climate, demographics and other vital information.


Slash CV
Easy to use resume template.

Google Resume Builder
Resume builder powered by Google Docs.


World’s largest database of homes for sale.

Home Fair
Find home prices and other useful information.

City Search
Neighborhood city guide.

Free School Reports
Learn about your scholastic options before you move.