The Smith Consulting Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices President, Juli Smith, Featured in Monster, 5 Reasons Millennials Should Consider Government Jobs

Dallas, 10/12/2016

By: Elana Lyn Gross

When you think “government job,” you probably don’t picture offices teeming with 20-somethings—and you’d be right. In recent years, young people haven’t been attracted to government work.

In fact, people under age 30 account for 23% of the total workforce, but make up only 7% of permanent, full-time government workers, according to a recent study by the Partnership for Public Service. With over half of federal workers nearing retirement age, this could be a huge miss for millennial job seekers.

“Careers at government agencies traditionally have not required overtime and have provided employees with more predictable schedules as opposed to careers within the private sector,” says Juli Smith, president of the Michigan-based executive search firm, Smith Consulting Group.

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