Who We Are

Simply Driven Executive Search is a global executive and professional search firm that has served the recruiting needs of business and industry since 1959.

What We Do

Simply Driven Executive Search works on behalf of client companies to search for and recruit highly qualified professionals.  All fees related to the search are client-paid.  In every search we establish a solid working relationship with the client company. This includes developing a thorough understanding of the position specification, organizational structure and company culture, as well as the client’s expectations for the prospective employee.  We then search for the best candidates, using our extensive network of referral sources and our central database of already identified candidates.  Our job at this point is to determine whether a person’s qualifications, interests and objectives are consistent with the opportunity.  Only if we determine that there is candidate interest and appropriate qualifications, will we discuss the candidate’s credentials with the client and arrange for an interview. Once a mutual interest is established between the client and candidate, we become facilitators.  Your Simply Driven Executive Search Consultant will brief you thoroughly on the client company and the interview process.  Your Consultant will assist in negotiating all aspects of any employment offer and will help identify any problems that may arise, working with you to resolve them.  Counsel on cost of living and relocation issues also can be provided.  Simply Driven Executive Search is not an employment agency, outplacement firm or advisor on career strategies.  We counsel only on the opportunities associated with our active search assignments.

Your Career

Most of the people we approach are not actively in the job market. Frequently, they are qualified professionals in satisfactory situations interested only in having exceptional career opportunities brought to their attention for serious consideration. If you are going to leverage your career to its maximum, you will probably make several timely job changes over the course of your working life. In order to do that most effectively, you need to give careful thought to your professional goals and what you must do in order to achieve them. You and your family, if appropriate, need to define your values with respect to your work and desired quality of life. If we are aware of your qualifications, goals and values, we can approach you with those opportunities that are consistent with your objectives.

In this era of corporate restructuring and downsizing, anyone can lose a good job with little notice. Therefore, it’s a good idea to establish an early relationship with Sanford Rose Associates. If you should unexpectedly lose your job, we’ll be ahead of the game by already knowing the kinds of opportunities that will be attractive to you.

How to Work with Us

Career development is a serious process. If you use an opportunity that an Sanford Rose Associates Search Consultant has presented to you simply to “shop” or to try to establish your market value, you are doing yourself a disservice and are wasting everyone’s time. There are less risky and more cost-efficient ways to establish your worth. In exploring a career opportunity with your Sanford Rose Associates Search Consultant, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Be honest with us; share not only your values and career aspirations, but also any obstacles to consideration of an opportunity.
  • Give us a complete description of your work experience.
  • Send requested material promptly.
  • If you have concerns, tell us in a timely manner so we can deal with them promptly.
  • Listen and respond to our counseling because we know the client and their needs.
  • Provide us with solid professional references that are familiar with your work.
  • Fulfill your commitments – A call to us right after an interview is an important part of the offer development process.

You may be assured that we will be sensitive to your personal needs for confidentiality as we address your questions and concerns. Our ongoing relationships with our clients often give us continued contact with candidates we place; therefore, we want to make only good matches. Encouraging an inappropriate career move would be contrary to our philosophy and counter-productive to maintaining good client relationships. We will ask for your time only when a genuine opportunity exists.

Since 1959, Sanford Rose Associates has placed thousands of men and women in new, career-enhancing positions. We are experts in our field and understand how to match opportunity with the individual. Your cooperation is vital to that process.

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