29 01, 2019

Not Allowed to Have a Past

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The blown call in the fourth quarter of the Rams-Saints NFC Championship game a couple of weeks ago was unfortunate.  It was clearly a mistake.  The Head of Officials said so.  The NFL said so.  It stinks.  It’s unfair.  But this is life.  We’ve all heard numerous times, “Life [...]

22 01, 2019

Do You Want to Succeed?

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  Lots of people tell me they want to be successful.  My guess is that 75% don’t fully understand what they’ve just said.  And realistically, a subset of those 75% have no idea what they’ve just said.   What I’ve learned over time is that there is a big [...]

11 12, 2018

“No” is a Great Answer

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The word “no”.  It’s one of the first words we learn as infants.  First, we hear it; then we learn to say it.  And we soon figure out that it’s one of the most frequently used words in the entire world. No is very interesting.  We often love to [...]

3 12, 2018

Passing Judgement

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We are living in such interesting times.  Times have always been changing, and people have always been changing, but these days I find myself getting surprised more than usual.  Case in point: I was communicating with a potential candidate about their career.  The discussions were early and general in [...]

27 11, 2018

Chasing Your 2018 Goal    

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Four weeks until Christmas.  Are you chasing a goal for 2018?  If you are, where do you stand?  In the event you’ve already achieved it, congratulations!  Was your goal too low?  Or did you just hit it out of the park with time to spare?  Either way, it’s a [...]

20 11, 2018

No Slowing Down

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It’s Thanksgiving week.  For many (not in sales), it’s the beginning of the end.  People start manufacturing all kinds of excuses on why things can’t get finished/get started/get bought/get name it.  Thanksgiving week leads to the week after Thanksgiving, when many have a Thanksgiving hangover.  Then there’s about [...]

13 11, 2018

The Dreaded Internal Candidate

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Both recruiters and external job candidates alike become mortified when they hear a hiring manager say, “We may have an internal candidate.”  After all, how can someone who is unknown compete with someone who is known?  It’s difficult – but not impossible – to overcome. What fascinates me is [...]

6 11, 2018

Risk is Not a Bad Word

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Few people I encounter embrace risk.  Let me restate that...few people I encounter want anything to do with risk.  Granted, my audience is mostly accounting and finance professionals.  But shouldn’t we be particularly attuned to risk?  Aren’t we professionally trained to evaluate and assess risk?  Accountants and finance people [...]

30 10, 2018

The Power of Focus

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Simply Driven is on the march to a record year.  A lot of things have contributed to the company’s current success, but perhaps none more than our ability to get focused late in Q2 of 2018. The world is a noisy place.  There are bright lights and shiny objects [...]

16 10, 2018

One Last Move

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It’s that time of year.  Summer is over, and school has started.  Raises are in place, and promotions are finished.  Fall is here...but the Holidays are still a good five or six weeks away.  It’s time for the annual ritual – One Last Move.  The final migration of CPA [...]