Shawn Tolan, Managing Director of Sanford Rose Associates® – The Tolan Group, Featured in Ivy Exec, What to Say in a Performance Review: Top Tips for Success | Promotion and Performance Series

By: Linda Pophal

Plano, TX | 11/14/2018

You’ve been diligent about keeping a performance review file—electronic or hard copy—to help you present a strong case in your annual review to support your career goals. Now your annual review is nearing and it’s time to turn your attention toward what to say in a performance review. You must go through those documents and determine what you will present, and what you will say, to put your best foot forward during your performance review.

It’s important to understand that, despite how well informed and aware your supervisor or manager is of the work you’ve done, chances are they haven’t paid as much attention as you might imagine. Supervisors and managers are busy people and, especially with their top performers, there can be a tendency to simply take it for granted that the work is being done, and done well. But, they may not have a firm grasp of the particulars, or of the many positive contributions you’ve made through the year.

Shawn Tolan, managing director of The Tolan Group, also stresses the importance of being prepared. “Come prepared to give specific and concrete examples of your contribution to the team and the organization,” he advises. “Give examples of how you always go above and beyond what was laid out as your objectives in your last review. Cite examples of other team members that you have gladly helped with various projects when asking. Give other examples of times when you’ve offered up your help even when it was not requested.”

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