Sanford Rose Associates Co-CEO, Jeff Kaye, Featured in Article: “Open Office Space: How Wall-Less Workspaces Can Help Promote Productivity and Collaboration – and Why Some Experts are Critical.”

Dallas, TX | 8/12/2014
By Dawn Klingensmith, CTW Features

The global real estate firm CBRE’s July report “The Evolving Workplace: How U.S. Office Space is Changing” reinforces what many tech startups seemed to know, ahead of the curve, about employees: They don’t like to be tethered to a workstation.

Employees who are allowed to “self-select” their work location reported higher satisfaction levels, according to the report.

Because workspace affects employee satisfaction and even health, job candidates should evaluate it and factor it in – at least to some degree – when considering a job offer. It’s not as though there is a perfect environment to hold out for, but generally, “the physical environment is a reflection of an organization’s culture,” says Jeff Kaye, Co-Chief Executive of Kaye/Bassman International-Sanford Rose Associates.

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