Ron Nieman of Sanford Rose Associates – Dallas North featured in “Dallas Recruiter Uses His Worldly Experience To Help Others Find Tech Jobs”

Dallas, TX | 10/06/14 By Robin Everson –

Ron Nieman wanted to be a college English professor prior to getting into business. He earned his bachelor’s in English from the University of Texas at Arlington and then found himself working in the telecom industry. He helped bring companies to IPO status in their infancy including the company that invented voicemail. He hired and managed people in a variety of functions for start-up and Fortune 500 companies.

While Nieman had a bachelor’s degree in English, he felt that if he was going to be in business, he had to understand its fundamentals. He decided to get his M.B.A. from the University of North Texas.

At Nortel, Nieman developed the company’s marketing strategy for stand-alone messaging products and introduced companies to the first PC-based messaging product integrated with Meridian Mail and Microsoft e-mail packages called VISIT Messenger.

The telecom industry was changing, and Nieman was hired into Sensormatic, an electronic security company to implement a common global marketing strategy for newly acquired subsidiary companies. He relocated to Singapore to start operations for the commercial/industrial business unit. He was promoted to senior vice president and managed over 250 employees managing U.S. and international offices.

Nieman continued to excel in the technology/communications arena helping companies raise capital, expand product marketability and secure strategic business partnerships. Along the way he bridged gaps in overseas markets – Europe, Asia and Latin America.

His expertise in change management, product management, sales, marketing and professional services in the electronic security and telecommunications industries coupled with his advanced education has given him a competitive edge working in the world of business today.

“By advancing my educational credentials, many doors were opened to me that would have otherwise been closed. Leadership is all about serving others and the more you have (knowledge), the more you can give,” said Nieman reflecting on his education and relation to his position at Sanford Rose Associates – Dallas North.

He never gave up his desire to teach. Nieman teaches Sunday school at his local church and has gone back to school to earn his master’s degree in theology from Liberty University.

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