President of The Smith Consulting Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Juli Smith, Featured in TechTarget, Four-day Workweek Reactions Range From Warm To Cool

By: Patrick Thibodeau

Plano, TX 8/17/2021

The shift to flexible hours, hybrid offices and remote work may be giving some new life to the idea of a four-day workweek. But it has mixed support.

Some employers see a future for the model, believing that if the focus is on managing employee outcomes, not hours, it can work. Others, however, believe a companywide, four-day workweek is impractical because of business needs.

In Jackson, Mich., Juli Smith, president of the Smith Consulting Group LLC, a recruiting firm specializing in architecture and civil engineering occupations nationwide, began offering a four-day workweek to her employees this summer and is making it permanent.

But in managing a four-day workweek, “you have to focus on outcomes,” Smith said. For employees, that means meeting the job’s requirements. For employers, that means having confidence in the team, she said. And Smith speaks highly of her team.

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