President of The Kineta Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices David Patterson Featured in Dice, Are You Paid Less Than Your Co-Workers?

Dallas, TX | 3/19/2015

By Myra Thomas

Salary is a touchy subject. Finding out that someone on your team is paid more can easily lead to disgruntlement, and it’s not like you can march into your boss’s office and start yelling about it. There are much more diplomatic ways to ask for more cash.

Be Careful

It’s fine to approach your manager and say you’d like to have a conversation about salary—so long as you’re not visibly angry as you do so. And whatever you do, don’t make your salary conversation about how much your co-workers are paid. “Discussing salary with coworkers can only open up a can of worms,” said David Patterson, President and Senior Practice Leader for executive recruiter Kineta Group/Sanford Rose Associates. “If management finds out, it could make you look dissatisfied.”

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