President of Sanford Rose Associates® – Lake Lanier Islands, Lisa Proctor, Featured in Southwest Gwinnett Magazine, Local Employers Adapt to New Demand for Telework

Plano, TX  5/10/2022

By: John Ruch

Once a pandemic survival tactic, telework has become a major amenity for office workers that is forcing employers – including some of Southwest Gwinnett’s biggest – to rapidly evolve the way they operate, hire and even build.

Tensions between employers who want in-office control and employees who want more working from home are resulting in many companies establishing a permanent “hybrid” model of certain in-office work days or hours and flexibility on the remainder. In today’s tight labor market, employees have the upper hand, but it remains to be seen how factors like work-life separation or internal office socializing will play out long-term. Meanwhile, employers are adapting to a new world where no one has established best practices for hybrid work – and where policies may even become a kind of trade secret for an edge in hiring and retention.

Lisa Proctor of the executive search firm Sanford Rose Associates, which has a Peachtree Corners office, is dealing with the hybrid demands daily. She said some of the companies she recruits for also didn’t want to publicly discuss their hybrid policies. “Several of them are trying to establish a competitive advantage and did not want to tip their hand yet on some of their creative ideas they will be using to compete for talent,” she said.

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