President of Sanford Rose Associates®, Karen Schmidt, Featured in Training Magazine, It’s A Super Portal

Plano, TX 10/5/2017

By: Gail Dutton

Learning portals are assumed to have superhero qualities that, in a perfect world, let them overcome learning challenges in a single bound and demolish roadblocks with bolts of logic. In a perfect world, each learning portal would be as intuitive as Amazon and as searchable as Google. Achieving those goals isn’t easy, but it is possible.

Support self-directed learning. “A learning portal should ensure that self-motivated learners have the tools and resources they need,” says Karen Schmidt, partner, Next Level Exchange. This means including not only the information they need to learn, but also the things they want to learn. Many of those resources will be recommended by their peers. This approach also requires balancing formal and informal learning, because informal experiences can be as enlightening as some formal courses.

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