President of Integrity Resource Management – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Keith Sims, Featured in Reworked, Why Soft Skills Matter and How to Develop Them

Plano, TX  6/14/21

By: Scott Clark

Soft skills are vital for business leaders, managers and highly effective employees. Working in the digital environment has made them even more important, not less so.

Broadly speaking, soft skills refer to a set of social, emotional and communication skills and character and personality traits that are extremely useful for building relationships, effectively expressing oneself, for being an effective and inspirational leader, for inspiring confidence and trust, and for being the type of person that others admire and enjoy working with. They’re called soft skills not because they are unimportant, but rather because they are different from technical or hard skills specific to a profession or role.

“Empathy is having the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and talk to them as a peer, no matter where you sit in the organization or even outside of the organization. The ability to align yourself to another person’s needs and interests allows them to become comfortable enough to share what their real problems and fears are,” said Keith Sims, president of Integrity Resource Management at Sanford Rose Associates.

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