President of HireMinds – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices David Hayes Featured in CBS Pulse, HR Firm Founder Gives 5 Tips When Selecting A Recruitment Partner

Dallas, TX | 12/14/2015

By Robin D. Everson

David Hayes founded HireMinds, a recruiting and staffing firm focused on helping companies find, attract and onboard the best talent in marketing, technology and science industries.

HireMinds’ services include helping clients write a compelling job description, developing a list of selling points that highlight the client’s unique culture and strengths, fine-tuning the interview process and jointly crafting a compelling job offer with the highest chance of acceptance.

Hayes offers these top five tips for small businesses when selecting a staffing partner firm.

1. Specialize
2. Access and speed
3. Your ‘why’
4. Brand story
5. Exclusivity

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