President of Cerca Talent+ – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Scott Rivers, Featured in Monster, High Stakes Hiring: Making Every Hire Count

Plano, TX 8/28/2020

Pandemic. Unemployment. Economic uncertainty. Add all that up and employers either aren’t hiring right now, or if they are, they need to make every hire count.

Budgets have been cut or reduced for most, but the expectation for finding that right fit candidate is as high as ever – the survival and success of your business might depend on it.

“The pandemic has really opened everyone’s eyes as to what’s available in the recruiting tech stack,” adds Scott Rivers, managing partner, Cerca Talent+, a talent firm focused on Life Sciences, Diagnostics and Biotechnology. “Today through interviewing tools, there’s so many ways to do video interviews earlier in the process to find someone to meet the criteria from an education, experience standpoint, but also a right fit or the org. The right tools are finally being used,” he says.

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