President and CEO of Sanford Rose Associates® – Toft Group, Robin Toft, Featured in, Wall Street’s New Problem: A Shrinking Talent Pool

Dallas, TX 6/30/2014
By Stephanie Landsman

Jenny Tolan isn’t taking the conventional route with her new master’s in business administration degree. The 31-year-old Columbia Business School graduate isn’t going to work on Wall Street or at a consulting firm. In fact, Tolan didn’t even apply. She sought a role in the technology sector and nailed down a position at one of the world’s most well-known companies in Silicon Valley. She starts later this summer.

The movement to lure B-school graduates away from the financial sector is starting to grip small biotech companies, too, said Robin Toft, President and CEO of Sanford Rose Associates-Toft Group, an executive search firm focusing on companies in the health-care arena. “Baby boomers are retiring and there’s not enough talent to go around. It is a candidate-driven market again,” Toft said. “Executive search is very busy right now because there are not enough good candidates for every opening. It is a brilliant time to be seeking employment.”

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