Peg Newman, Managing Partner of Sanford Rose Associates® – Salt Lake City, Featured in The Fence Post, The Sorry Solution

Dallas, TX 7/30/2014
By Dawn Klingensmith

A workplace apology should be a brave and powerful act. But through overuse and insincerity, we have enfeebled the apology and in some cases allowed our apologies to enfeeble us in others’ estimations.

A recent ad for Pantene shampoo shows women apologizing when they’ve done nothing wrong and implores them to stop saying “sorry” for such harmless acts as entering someone’s office or asking a question. The ad went viral, sparking debate about whether women should stop already with the reflexive apologies. “Women are trying to be polite, but it comes across as being timid,” says Peg Newman, a managing partner at Sanford Rose Associates executive search firm in Salt Lake City.

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