Peg Newman, Managing Partner of Sanford Rose Associates® – Salt Lake City, Featured in Society for Human Resource Management, Job Candidates and Red Flags: What Do You Do?

Dallas, TX 8/28/2015

By Kathy Gurchiek

What do you do when a candidate takes a cellphone call, trembles uncontrollably or maintains a yoga pose throughout an interview? What warning signs should a hiring manager or HR professional shrug off and what should they consider as red flags when talking to job candidates?

Peg Newman, of executive search firm Sanford Rose Associates in Salt Lake City, recalled a candidate who on paper sounded like an excellent match for a call center opening. His resume made it appear he’d managed a call center. Unfamiliar with that call center, and curious as to why he’d left such an important position, Newman dug deeper for answers during the interview.

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