Partner Practice Leader of BrainWorks – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Guy Gomis, Featured in Information Week, Structuring Your Data Team: 9 Best Practices

Dallas, TX 12/21/2015

By Lisa Morgan

Companies typically use a mix of in-house resources, consultants, and new hires to keep pace with today’s data-driven economy. What is used when is usually a function of need, budget, and risk.

“When you’re solving a business program or growing the business, you don’t expect to have the luxury of hiring someone out of school and developing them. You need a subject matter expert who can hit the ground running, so you may need to hire that person. The smart companies are both [hiring and cultivating talent],” said Guy Gomis, partner practice leader for multi-channel marketing and decision science at executive search firm Brainworks, a Sanford Rose Associates affiliate, in an interview.

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