Managing Partner of Talent Partners – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Larry Rubin, Featured in The Ladders, Why the Interview Process Can Drag on for Months and Months

Plano, TX 3/24/2020

Four score and seven years ago you embarked on the interview process for the job of your dreams…Or at least it feels that way. If you’re trapped in that endless interview/follow-up/silence/follow up dance and don’t know how long it should last, read on to at least have a better way to understand how to manage your professional expectations.

Why does it drag on?

When an interview process lingers on for months, you should “make sure you understand why and as any process should level-set expectations and be able to project the remainder of the process and timeline,” advises Larry Rubin, CPC Managing Partner at Talent Partners. “A process that drags on for months is a sign that something in the hiring process is broken,” Quan said. But before you panic, he explained that “This could be due to a number of factors. Perhaps the role is not adequately scoped, the job requirements have changed, or there has been turnover on the hiring team.” Rubin explains that “Senior roles usually take longer because there are often more stakeholder interviews and typically more assessment evaluations,” but that doesn’t mean that you should just wait around to see if they choose you.

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