Dimensional Search – Our Process

//Dimensional Search – Our Process
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Dimensional Search®

Sanford Rose Associates® uses our proprietary Dimensional Search process which sets us apart. It is a “multi-dimensional” process that matches:

Dimensional Search® Process

  • The Client’s position and expectations with those of the candidate, such as title, compensation, relocation and amount of travel.
  • “Technical” requirements, such as education, relevant industry experience and managerial experience with the candidate’s relevant background and experience.
  • Cultural fit of the company with the candidate’s experience and success in similar cultures and/or his likely adaptability to the company’s culture.
  • The chemistry between the candidate and hiring manager as well as the candidate’s attributes to the subjective traits required in the Position Profile.
  • How “translatable” the candidate’s experiences and capabilities are to the company’s expectations with respect to responsibilities and major projects.
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The Steps We Take

Once there is an agreement in place between Sanford Rose Associates® and your Company, we will follow the general process described below. Also embedded in our proprietary process is a detailed 32-step process that we teach our consultants in our rigorous training programs.

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