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Why you should work with our firm

Experienced Talent Acquisition Consultants: Sanford Rose Associates®-Madison brings over a century of knowledge and experience in CPG food beverage dairy agribusiness industries providing a true understanding of what clients need.  We also work with OEM supporting automation for CPG and metal fabrication, industrial manufacturing. Multiple salaried professional disciplines (See Positions We’ve Filled)

World-Class: With partner franchise offices worldwide, and being the 10th largest in the Nation, we have the resources to provide our clients with world-class executive search and recruiting services and the latest in tools & technologies to perform our services for you.

Client-Centric: Being an independently owned office, we can customize our search process to meet your specific needs.  Our moderate size also ensures that we have few “off limits restrictions”, which means we identify and access large target candidate populations.  We can also be more responsive to your needs and requirements.

Proven Track Record: Sanford Rose Associates®-Madison has been in continuous business operation since 2004, under the umbrella of SRA International since 1959, demonstrating true staying power and the ability to generate repeat business.  Together we have filled over 100,000 positions or as our slogan indicates . . . “finding people who make a difference®.

Defined Process: Our Dimensional Search® process creates a unique profile that matches a candidate’s personal skill level to position requirements, past experience to future expectations and management style to corporate culture (See Our Process for more details).

We listen, learn and seek to understand: We strive to uncover what our clients really need by listening carefully, checking to confirm what we heard and offering guidance on how that is likely to impact the search.

Our Goal: “Finding people who make a difference”® is the goal of every search assignment conducted by Sanford Rose Associates®-Madison.    We will find the candidate who not only possesses the technical skills for a position, but is also a “cultural fit” for your organization.

Summary: Engaged employees can play a tremendous part in the growth and success of your organization, and for more than 60 years, Sanford Rose Associates® has been committed to “Finding people who make a difference”® for you.