Lisa Proctor, President of Sanford Rose Associates® – Lake Lanier Islands, Featured in SaportaReport, Grabbing Your Seat at the Table

Dallas, TX 8/5/2016

By Cara Hergenroether

Since the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the first woman presidential candidate from a major party last week, the phrase “breaking the glass ceiling” has been big news around the world. So how do women break that ceiling in their own professional lives?

Whether a woman wants to take her seat at her employer’s boardroom table or bang the gavel for a local nonprofit, Che Watkins, CEO and president of The Center for Working Families (TCFWF), and Lisa Proctor, an executive search consultant and president of Sanford Rose Associates – Lake Lanier Islands, offer bold and valuable advice to those women.

“Great mentors can help educate you,” says Proctor, who relayed a story about uncovering some unethical behavior by a manager and being dismayed by the knowledge. She credits her mentor with helping her adjust to the working world with the harsh but true advice: “There’s what you learned in school and the real world. Welcome to it.”

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