Jonathan Sarn, Partner of Kinsley Sarn – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Society for Hunt Scanlon Media, How to Onboard Senior Executives

Plano, TX 2/27/2023

You’ve invested significant time and resources to find and hire the executive expected to deliver impactful results to your business. But your work is not done when they show up on their first day. In fact, some of your most important work is still to be done to help make them a successful hire, according to a new report from Kinsley|Sarn. “Unfortunately, too many companies do not understand this and many newly hired executives are not performing as expected,” the study said.

One of the main contributors to this problem is the process by which they were hired and onboarded. “If an organization does not have a refined and systematic process, it can be difficult to support its most vulnerable employees as they transition to their new roles,” Kinsley|Sarn said.

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