Jodi Standke, CEO of Talon Performance Group A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in The gig economy in 2021: New strategies for recruiting temporary workers

Plano, TX  1/12/2021

The gig economy has been buzzed about for some time, and after a year with a pandemic and economic unrest, more employers and workers have seemed to embrace temporary and contract workers than ever before – giving new life, and perhaps a new definition to the meaning of “gig work.” But how do you go about recruiting temporary workers?

According to recent Monster survey data, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, 92% of respondents said they think now is a good time to look into the gig economy.

“People are looking at work and their employer in a totally different way now,” says Jodi L. Standke, CEO of Talon Performance Group, Inc. “The workplace is not so much attached to their identity. They like to have a variety of work, to work when they want, and to have control and flexibility,” she says.

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