Jodi Standke, CEO of Talon Performance Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Society for Human Resource Management, Termination Tips for HR Practitioners

Plano, TX  7/8/2022

By: Susan Ladika

After your organization has made the difficult decision to fire or lay off an employee, less is often more when it comes time to deliver the news, some experts say.

Jodi Standke, CEO of Talon Performance Group, a talent management firm based in Minneapolis, says the termination conversation should be short and to the point. “Mistakes are made when the message is given within a larger conversation,” she says.

Most states have at-will employment, so employers don’t need to explain why they’re firing someone, Standke says. “Most of the time, the employee knows,” she adds, although “they might not want to admit it.”

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