Jennifer Powers, President of J Powers Recruiting, Inc. – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Up Journey, 16 Signs Your Coworkers Are Intimidated by You

Plano, TX  3/1/2021

When your coworkers are intimidated by you, they are less likely to approach you for help and may under-communicate while working with you, affecting productivity.

It can be harder to tell virtually if coworkers are intimidated through body language, but you can also listen to the way they speak and their tone of voice.

Jennifer Powers, Owner and President of J Powers Recruiting, Inc. said, “They will tell you that you intimidate them.

I never assume that people are intimidated by me, so it has to be very obvious; otherwise, I will not pick up on it.

For example, one of our rookie recruiters said to me, “you intimidate me” (a pretty obvious sign, huh?), which made me uncomfortable, so I initially made a joke out of it and laughed it off.”

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