Jeff Kaye, Co-CEO of Sanford Rose Associates®, Interviewed By The Next Level Show, Conversations That Propel Business

Dallas, TX 9/15/2016

By Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons

Jeff Kaye is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Kaye/Bassman International, Sanford Rose Associates® and Next Level Recruiting Training. Jeff graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors in Business and entered the search profession immediately. He has spent over two decades in search, migrating from being one of the nation’s leading search professionals at his current firm, to now the Co-CEO of the same firm, Kaye/Bassman International.

Throughout his tenure at Kaye/Bassman, he was named one of the most influential leaders in the staffing industry, helped his firm secure national awards for philanthropy and workplace flexibility, as well as being recognized as the #1 “Best Company to Work for in Texas” for four consecutive years.

Listen to the interview: