Jeff Kaye, Co-CEO of Sanford Rose Associates®, Featured in Hunt Scanlon, The Big Upside In Leadership Training

Plano, TX 6/23/2017

By Christopher W. Hunt

Leadership training has turned into more than just an evolving interest among executive search firms. It is now seen as a potentially lucrative, bottom line business driver and every search firm is either offering the service in one form or another or about to jump in.

Kaye/Bassman co-CEO Jeff Kaye said there is a constant need to increase training efforts for newcomers – even newcomers to the executive search field – as well as those with extensive experience. New environments and different cultures require it. For his part, Mr. Kaye has made it his mission to provide on-demand training for recruitment professionals, forming Next Level Exchange with his colleague and co-CEO Nicholas Turner.

“With 35 partners having an average tenure of over 14 years at Kaye/Bassman, intellectual capital has always been one of the greatest assets of our organization,” said Mr. Kaye. For decades, he said, the leaders and top producers of the firm were asked to speak at industry association gatherings, trade events, and even consult with other top search firms to assist them in creating scalable models for future growth. “The more we spoke to the world outside of Kaye/Bassman, the more we realized the same training void existed in our industry as in every other one.”

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