Jeff Kaye, Co-CEO of Sanford Rose Associates®, Featured in Dice, 4 IT Master’s Degrees That Could Boost Your Pay

Dallas, TX 7/2/2014
By Myra Thomas

Specialized master’s degrees in IT are cropping up at an increasing rate to cover everything from data science to technology management to enterprise architecture. Despite the wide range of areas covered, the programs have a common thread: They’re decidedly management-track, representing “a way to understand how technology truly supports the business,” says Priscilla Tate, President and Executive Director of the New York-based Technology Managers Forum. “If you’re a programmer, on-the-job experience is the big thing. But the corporate track is really why you do these degrees.”

While graduate degrees aren’t a requirement for management-level jobs, they can be a differentiator when it comes time for employers to make a hiring decision. Says Jeff Kaye, Co-CEO of Dallas-based search firm Sanford Rose, “While on paper, graduate degrees are directly correlated to those who have achieved higher levels of academic proficiency, in reality a graduate degree, for the most part, is simply the equivalent of a VIP access pass into that field.”

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