Jacob Darr, President of Jacob Darr Associates – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in CareerAddict, 10 Common Reasons Behind Job Application Rejection

Plano, TX 7/20/2020

By: Valerie David

You’ve got all the right education and credentials. You have years of experience in your field. You’ve researched, prepared, carefully tailored your CV and yet somehow your job applications continue to be rejected. What are you doing wrong? Getting out of the stressful cycle of jobhunting isn’t easy.

Competition can be fierce, and with the ease of online applications, there may be thousands of applicants for a single job opening. Hiring managers have to be ruthless, quickly discarding candidates to get to a more manageable selection.

Jacob Darr, former Fortune 500 CHRO and current owner of an executive recruiting firm, says the ‘Wild West’ nature of hiring is prevalent; ‘Unfortunately, most employers large and small have no policy about denying or approving applications, leaving this decision to the biased internal recruiter.’

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