David Hunt, CEO of Hyperion Executive Search – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Sifted, Bringing in The Grown-Ups: When Do Startups Need to Hire in C-Suite Experts?

Plano, TX  5/25/2023

By: Sadia Nowshin

Once a startup has raised a significant amount of cash, has a solid customer base and is growing its team, founders might consider bringing some more experienced people in to help steady the ship.

But while adding veterans to your startup’s team can help lead you through your next phase of growth, hiring for senior roles too early — or hiring the wrong people — can take you in the opposite direction.

Startups don’t need to hire for every possible C-suite role at the same time, and often won’t need to fill every position. David Hunt, CEO of Hyperion Search, another service that helps startups recruit senior hires, says that the first few C-suite additions should fill existing knowledge gaps. Founders should “collectively look at who should lead on which function, and where the biggest weakness is” to identify the role they should hire first.

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