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Our Practice

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safety, security, industrial, construction products and STAFDA industries require professionals with unique skills.  With that in mind, it is vital to hire the right people.  Not only have we been in the recruiting industry focusing on those markets but we have direct experience working for manufacturers in those markets.  To help us meet your goal of finding the best talent, we estimate a candidate’s fit with your company based on:

Culture – What are the unique characteristics of your company?  Our goal is that each candidate is happy, gets into their job quickly and stays for the long term.  Cultural fit is essential for this to happen.

Chemistry – The ability to not only get along with your manager and work team, but understand their work styles and seamlessly integrate into the workplace is vital for a person to get up to speed quickly.  We work with you to identify who will fit in quickly.

Goals and Objectives – A new person coming on board has a list of tasks they are to accomplish to be seen as successful.  Hiring managers that share those up front and finding individuals who have the skills to accomplish those tasks quickly and effectively is vital for good hiring practices as well as retention.

Technical Fit – The technical fit encompasses the resume skills the individual needs to be successful.  

Companies We Serve

  • Security Product Manufacturers
  • Safety Product Manufacturers
  • Recreational Product Manufacturers
  • Industrial Product Manufacturers
  • Bio Tech Product Manufacturers
  • Construction Product Manufacturers
  • Distributors


Representative Executive Search Placements

  • President
  • General Manager
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing
  • Senior Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Director, Regional and Divisional Manager
  • National Account Sales Managers – Distributor and/or End Users
  • Government Markets Sales and/or Marketing Manager
  • Fire Service Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Business Unit Manager