Co-Managing Director of Sanford Rose Associates Jeff Kaye’s Article Betting on Conversation With the Person in the Window Seat Featured in The New York Times

Dallas, Texas, 1/29/2014

I ENJOY business travel when it gives me the opportunity to visit with other cultures. Those cultures don’t have to be found in foreign lands. In the United States, there are so many different and wonderful cultural experiences you can have just traveling between Washington, Michigan and Kentucky, for example.

Traveling the world for both personal and professional reasons has given me something that can’t be bought in any store, and that’s perspective. Seeing a young Russian girl thrilled over a pack of chewing gum or an old Vietnamese man share his pride in his country’s history are both memories, but ones that helped shape who I am.

I’m co-C.E.O. of the executive search firm Kaye/Bassman-Sanford Rose Associates and C.E.O. of the recruiting training company Next Level Exchange. That means I’m traveling all the time. I’ve given talks in places like Spain, the Czech Republic and Hong Kong and traveled too many times all over the Americas. I have my routine down pat, and I like flying since I can be completely focused and maybe can get some strategic work done, the really thoughtful kind of work you often can’t get done in an office.

But I also do like talking to people.

I’m an extrovert and inquisitive by nature, and I began playing a game that I first started back in the late 1990s. The game is simple. I just assume the person sitting next to me is there for a reason and that it’s my job to figure out that reason and what information or lesson there is to learn from the conversation I have with a fellow passenger. I basically put my recruiting skills to work to see what I can find out.

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