Chris Bisenius, President of Windward Recruiting – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Wealth Management, How Firms Are Finding and Keeping Employees

Plano, TX 10/27/2022

The past few years have been booming for Bogart Wealth, a McLean, Va.–based firm that targets employees of energy companies with defined benefit plans: Assets are about $2.1 billion, up from around $700 million 2 1/2 years ago. To meet the demand, CEO James Bogart had to ramp up hiring. With a still-tight labor market, however, that’s required some work, everything from a revised bonus package to a new career development program.

But while Bogart has been able to increase headcount, from 12 employees pre-pandemic to 28 now, he still needs more people—and his staff shortage has, ironically, slowed down the launch of a career development program aimed at boosting recruitment and retention. “If we had more capacity internally, we would have had the program fully launched in the first quarter of this year, instead of rolling it out now,” says Bogart.

With the unemployment rate at 3.6% at time of writing, the job market remains tight. And, though some advisors say that, over the past few months, they’ve started to see more candidates applying for job openings, hiring is still a tough proposition for advisory firms. With that in mind, many firms are still getting creative to fill empty positions and keep existing staff on board. “Our clients are hiring a lot of people,” says Chris Bisenius, a recruiter at Windward Recruiting, who specializes in wealth management and financial services. “And they’re getting more creative.”

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