CEO of The Birmingham Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Brian Binke, Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Wait, Where Did Our New Hire Go?

By: Sue Shellenbarger

Plano, TX 6/25/2019

It should be any job seeker’s dream: You’re looking for a job and three offers land in your lap. Or maybe you’re not even looking and a rival company tries to recruit you.

Many candidates hate having to negotiate or turn anyone down. When a construction manager recruited by Brian Binke’s firm failed to show up for his first day on the job, the recruiter called the man’s home and heard from someone claiming to be his uncle that he had died unexpectedly. Mr. Binke, CEO of Birmingham Group, a Berkley, Mich., executive-search firm, later learned the man was actually alive. He just didn’t want to face the managers he was abandoning.

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