Brian Binke, CEO of The Birmingham Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Human Resource Executive, Renovating the Trades

Plano, TX 6/12/2018

By: Carol Patton

With more than 1,100 salaried employees and 1,100 tradespeople on its payroll, Barton Malow, a national construction company in Southfield, Mich., is feeling the pinch. The problem isn’t securing projects but rather finding enough skilled construction workers to complete them; since its growth is limited by the number of people in can hire, the company can’t pursue jobs if it doesn’t have enough workers with the right skills to get them done.

After five years of service, one construction company pays employees $5,000 per year for each child he or she has in college, and also gives workers a 30-day sabbatical with $5,000 plus their regular pay and benefits for that month, says Brian Binke, president and CEO at The Birmingham Group, a national construction-recruiting firm in Berkley, Mich.

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