Our Recruiting Process

Determining Client Needs

In-depth interviews are conducted with the Hiring Manager and HR professional(s) to develop the Position Profile and candidate Position Qualification Questionnaire that is specific to the position we have been retained to fill.

Our recruiting process is conducted through referrals, extensive networking, the use of our proprietary database, research and the use of sophisticated computer technology and search engines.

Our detailed candidate screening process insures that only those candidates meeting the key position requirements are considered and therefore fewer candidates are presented, reducing the time you invest in interviewing candidates.

Evaluating Candidates

We perform in-depth interviews with potential candidates to determining whether they meet all the position requirements and uncovering other important personal or family issues. In evaluating potential candidates, we will:

  • Match the candidate’s educational, professional and occupational skills to our client’s specific job requirements and needs.
  • Confirm that the candidate’s past experience and successes will effectively contribute to achieving our client’s current and future goals.
  • Verify that a candidate’s personal style will complement the corporate culture and will mesh well with the hiring manager’s personality.
  • Evaluate the candidate’s long-term potential to take on additional responsibilities beyond the current needs.
  • When requested, we will administer behavioral testing, industrial psychologist interviews, and background checks or arrange for drug screening.
Presenting Candidates

Initial Candidate Presentations will include:

  • Candidate Profile which includes a brief description of the candidate’s qualifications and relevant experience versus the specific position requirements, a summary of the candidate’s current employment status, compensation, ability to relocate, any current employment contractual obligations and motivation to change.
  • The candidate’s Confidential Resume.
  • The candidate’s completed Position Qualification Questionnaire.

Final Candidate Presentations:

Prior to the on-site interviews, we will perform and document preliminary, confidential, Business Reference Interviews, Verify Education Credentials and relevant certification, and prepare a more comprehensive Executive Summary profile of the candidate – all of which will be included in a Candidate Presentation Portfolio, in addition to information already submitted on the initial presentation and sent to the entire interview team.

We recommend that candidates put on a short formal presentation during their first onsite interview, which we will facilitate with the candidates and client.

As requested by our client, we will provide one or more of the following:

  • Third-party Background Investigation results:
    • Employment Verification
    • Credit investigation
    • Criminal background – State and Federal
    • SSN verification
  • Link to a brief audio video recording of an interactive Candidate interview
  • Results of behavioral interview tests

After each client candidate interview, we debrief both parties, and then follow up to ascertain the candidate’s interest, provide additional information and resolve any misunderstandings.

Once a decision is made to extend an offer, we prepare a detailed Compensation History and Offer Recommendation. We assist in composing, extending the offer, and in negotiating any changes. When needed, we will provide relocation estimates and cost-of-living comparisons. Once the offer is extended, we work closely with the candidate to resolve remaining issues and to facilitate a prompt acceptance and early starting date.