Specialty Chemicals Recruiting

The Specialty Chemical industry continues to face shortages of people with the necessary skills and experiences – especially in such roles as business leadership, strategic marketing and technology leadership with technology driven, high value added companies. Part of this is driven by the retirement of the baby-boomers, a trend not predicted to reverse for many years, but also by the shortage of experienced candidates with advanced technical degrees and/or MBA’s from top tier universities. The best companies are doing everything they can to develop and retain those employees with mission-critical skills & experiences, but this is not enough in today’s work environment where technologies are advancing rapidly and employees are switching jobs and companies more frequently than before.

Sanford Rose Associates® – Annapolis focuses on “finding people who will make a difference”™ in the Specialty Chemical industry. Our proven process, extensive database and long-standing relationships with candidates enables us to quickly recruit and place the highly-talented individuals necessary for our Specialty Chemical industry clients to accomplish their missions.

We do more than just recruit talent, we partner with our clients, understanding their business and culture and bringing talent that matches skills with specific job requirements, and experiences & successes with current & future goals, and we always endeavor to match a candidate’s personal style with our client’s corporate culture. As a result of our extremely thorough approach, 80% of the candidates we place are still with our clients after 3 years. Contact us to discuss your next search for critical talent.